Unus Mundus, in collaboration with the artists we work with, carefully selects which charities our donations go to, based on a variety of criteria. Below are the charities we have already, or will , donate our profits to in order to do our part in creating a better world.

Unus Mundus は、アーティストと協力して、さまざまな基準に基づいて寄付先のチャリティーを慎重に選択します。 以下は、より良い世界の創造に貢献するために、利益を寄付した、または寄付する予定のチャリティーです。

“Every time you confront something painful, you are at a potentially important juncture in your life. You have the opportunity to choose healthy and painful truth, or unhealthy and comfortable delusion.” – Ray Dalio

Donations made to date