I didn’t realize it at the time, but UM started back the moment Dan and I truly connected as humans.

Short history lesson: we met and socialized for some time. Dan frequented my first attempt at rocketing out of the paid employee world, a bar that still exists in Higashi-Nakano, Tokyo, The Hangover. Check it out, it’s a great place to just relax, enjoy a drink, some nibbles, and opportunity to meet new people.

So yeah, we socialized, were cordial, but yeah, it was just that. Another face in the crowd you knew would have good conversation, but we were not to the point of of, hey let’s hang out.

For various reasons, it was in my best interest to exit that particular business ventrue, but since we lived in the same neighborhood, we’d see each other and still and shoot the shit, as they say.

Then one day, honestly I don’t recall how and when, perhaps Dan remembers, but we started talking a bit more, and he had just finished going through, to put it very lightly, a rough patch. And to be perfectly honest, I realized this is someone I should be spending more time with, as well, hey, time continues to shorten each day.

I would argue that was the actual start of UM. As we both were on the side of no matter what life dealt us, we were willing to give to others, to those in most need at that moment, while maintaining the necessary level of self care to do so.

History lesson done. Hope you took notes. Can’t promise there won’t be a test at some point.

Over that time that we reconnected, rather, truly connected, a bond was formed. Not out of necessity, not out of want for a new perspective through the eyes of others, but rather out of genuine understanding and respect. Sure there are difference of opinions and methods, but the goal of life, and what it meant to live, that allowed us to be here and now, doing something more, remains the same. Doing more for others is a long term sustainable means of survival in both one’s personal life and in business.

This whole project and concept very well may fail (I doubt it will), and money time may be lost, however the raw experience and continued friendship birthed by this leap into a new business style is worth ten fold of any of that. Fuck, I’d be happy to fail if Unus Mundus inspired even one person to do the same. For me, that is what UM is. Inspiring others to do what we have set out to do. Truly make this one world, recognizing the intrinsic value of all humans.



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