We’re slowly updating the site with more information on what we are doing.

Last month we were able to make our first donation of 50,000 yen to Second Harvest Japan, hoping to make the next 50,000 donation around the end of March.

This year, we have a few things in motion, including collaboration events with www.tokyoaleworks.com, https://crancbrewing.com, https://bet-tech.co.jp/en/, https://thirstytokyohc.bandcamp.com/, and more. Also, the Thirsty – Beer Core Stomp EP should be ready for release by the end fo March.


今年は、Tokyo AleWorks (www.tokyoaleworks.com)、Cranc Brewing (https://crancbrewing.com)、BET (https://bet-tech.co.jp/en/)、及び、Thirsty (https://thirstytokyohc.bandcamp.com/)とのコラボレーション、イベント、活躍があります。

また、Thirsty – Beer Core Stomp EPは、3月末までにはリリースできるように準備中です。

Site update/Recent Activity

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